A person pointing at a screen.
Taobao, Shanghai and Hangzhou

A clicks-to-bricks experience

Taobao, an Alibaba subsidiary and the world’s largest e-commerce company, partnered with Gensler to design its first brick-and-mortar locations in Shanghai and Hangzhou.


The client tasked Gensler with translating the personalization and user-friendliness of the Taobao website into a physical retail environment calibrated for dwell time and browsing order.


The Taobao Choice Store leverages Alibaba’s customer data insights in a physical store featuring a modular layout, generating new knowledge and creating stronger brand and customer relationships.


Customers begin in “The Studio,” a fast-changing pop-up featuring the latest trends, then move into “The Living Room,” which is optimized for lingering. Displays use existing data to offer personalized information and recommendations, while QR codes invite voting and rating online.

A room with a table and chairs.
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A man and a woman in a library.

Services Provided

  • Data Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Interior Design
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