A large room with a few people.
adidas Store, Seoul

A seamless, fast-paced retail platform

adidas partnered with Gensler to develop a nimble and scalable platform for their new Game - Life - World retail concept, starting with their store in Hongdae, Seoul.


adidas was looking to reconcile their need for fast and frequent design changes with their goal to be sustainable and ecologically responsible.


The new flagship design was developed to allow adidas to launch and change campaigns as quickly as every four weeks, and to offer a constantly evolving experience to repeat visitors.


adidas’ Hongdae store is an immersive campaign theater, made possible by a flexible fixture system that integrates digital, light, and physical media. Digital surfaces wrap around columns, activate walls, and suspend from ceilings to create a living brand experience.

A store with a display of clothing.
Diagram, engineering drawing.

Services Provided

  • Content Strategy
  • Creative Technology
  • Data Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Interior Design
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