Jackie Robinson Museum, New York, NY

Legacy of impact

The Jackie Robinson Foundation collaborated with Gensler on a new museum design to celebrate the extraordinary life of one of the most important Americans of the 20th century.


With a museum centered on a well-known historical figure, the Jackie Robinson Foundation, guided by the vision of Rachel Robinson, wanted to tell Jackie’s story in a contemporary way that would resonate with visitors of all ages and walks of life.


The museum chronicles the deeply personal story arc of Robinson’s prolific life, highlighting the many layers of his achievements in an engaging context, and allowing visitors to relate to the racism and prejudice Robinson encountered beyond the baseball field.


Designed to create a memorable experience for everyone, the exhibits integrate physical artifacts, historic media, didactic information, and interactive digital exhibits. Highlights include an interactive exhibit of Ebbets Field celebrating ‘Game Day’ in 1940’s Brooklyn, ‘42 Voices’ featuring diverse figures impacted by Jackie, and an immersive media space documenting Jackie’s personal journey.

Technical Specifications
artifacts and memorabilia
photographs and illustration
square feet of exhibition space
hours of video footage
A group of people in a room.
A couple of women looking at a poster on a wall.
People in a store.
A group of people looking at a poster.
A group of people in a large room with a sign.
A group of people in a store.
A group of people in a control room.
A group of people wearing virtual reality headsets.
A person sitting on a chair in a room with a shelf and a mirror.

Services Provided

  • Architectural Services
  • Brand Design
  • Content Design & Production
  • Digital Experience Design
  • Exhibit Design
  • Interior Design
  • Signage & Wayfinding


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