Verizon Innovation Center, Boston

Moving the world forward

Gensler designed Verizon’s Innovation Center spanning three floors within their new Boston headquarters—a place that enables users and guests to be fully immersed in the technologies that are moving the world forward.


With a continually evolving set of emerging technologies, Verizon was looking for a flexible experience that could transform space and content for a variety of large and small-scale demos to showcase their latest innovations. 


The Innovation Center allows visitors to engage with Verizon’s solutions and learn how they might influence customer experiences, business operations, and global culture. It inspires and empowers employees to collaborate and work in new ways, while reinforcing Verizon’s reputation as a trusted leader and technology partner.


Gensler designed the experience from start to finish as a curated journey that can be customized to accommodate a variety of visitor types and use cases. The experience is a modular kit of parts and transformable workshop spaces for a wide range of immersive demos and industry verticals. This experience-as-platform is designed to be a living and dynamic work-in-progress that tracks with the evolution of technology, innovation, partnerships, and business.

Technical Specifications
story elements
digital display components simulating vintage analog technology
ViperX robotic arm interactive arcade game using 5G technology
A box with a sign on it.
People standing in front of computers.
A man standing in a doorway.
A person standing in front of a group of people sitting at a table.
People in a room with tables and chairs.
A person walking in a store.

Services Provided

  • Visioning & Programming
  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Lab Planning
  • Digital Experience Design
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Wayfinding 
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