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Accenture Innovation Gallery, Chicago

Impact through infinite configurations

Gensler designed the epicenter of the iconic Accenture Tower as a canvas for limitless collaboration and connection.


The Innovation Hub needed to provide a flexible and adaptable space that surpasses traditional client experience centers and leaves visitors inspired to co-create the future with Accenture.


Rooted in the concept of modularity, the Accenture Innovation Hub effortlessly allows for a multitude of uses, turning the space into a living lab open to evolution over time.


All media, furnishings and partitions, can be re-arranged to suit the mood and purpose of the space on any given occasion, creating an atmosphere that fosters community and stimulates collaboration.

Men standing in front of a screen.
Technical Specifications
Unique experience zones
Modular fixtures
A person working on the laptop.
A group of people standing in front of a screen.
A person standing next to a machine.
People in a room with large screens.
A group of people in a room.
A group of people in a large building.
A group of people in a room.
A group of people sitting on a couch in a room with a staircase.

Services Provided

  • Architectural Design
  • Digital Experience Design
  • Experience Strategy
  • Interior Design
  • Software Development


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