Verizon Innovation Center, San Francisco

Extending an innovation network

For Verizon's Innovation Center location in the heart of Silicon Valley, Gensler continued our work evolving their program, allowing more guests from across the globe to be fully immersed in the technologies that are moving the world forward.


After the success of the first Innovation Center at the Hub in Boston, Verizon wanted to extend the flexible storytelling and demo the model developed with Gensler. First up, adapt the elements of the experience for the unique market in the San Francisco Bay region.


Verizon Innovation Center allows visitors to engage with Verizon’s solutions and learn how they influence customer experiences, business operations, and global culture. The Center inspires and empowers employees to collaborate and work in new ways, while reinforcing Verizon’s reputation as a trusted leader and technology partner.


This modular kit of parts has transformable workshop spaces for a wide range of immersive demos and industry verticals, as well as site-specific San Francisco storytelling and installations. The curated, customizable journey creates a truly networked experience-as-platform, reflecting the evolution of technology, partnerships, and business.

Technical Specifications
590 sq ft
immersive media tunnel
augmented server racks
252 sq ft
panoramic storytelling canvas
unique content modes
A person standing in a room with red lights.
A couple of people standing in a dark room with a large ceiling.
A man standing in a room.
A person walking in a stadium.
A person standing at a table.

Services Provided

  • Visioning & Programming
  • Interior Design
  • Lab Planning
  • Experience Strategy
  • Digital Experience Design
  • Content Strategy & Production
  • Environmental Graphics 
  • Wayfinding


  • ENR California Best Projects, Best Interior/Tenant Improvement, Award of Merit, 2023
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