Confidential Client

A data-driven strategy for a great urban space

A confidential mixed-use client partnered with Gensler to create a data-driven framework for future experiential improvements to the space. 


The client had become a victim of its own success, dealing with severe peak hour crowding from nearby tourist traffic that was jeopardizing its competitiveness as a top-tier office space. As it looked to the future, the client also wanted to align its many stakeholders on a unified development strategy.


The client wanted a clear, stakeholder-aligned framework to guide its next 15 years of improvements that would identify major opportunities and continuous improvement for different users, as well as quick, actionable steps that could immediately begin to improve outcomes.


Using proprietary experience analytics methodology Gensler modeled the space using multiple 360-degree cameras on three representative days and conducted 100 interviews with diverse users. Using that data, Gensler created a journey map identifying the least successful places, and a governing document for future design changes that ameliorates these chokepoints and envisions other experiential interventions.

Services Provided

  • Data Intelligence
  • Research
  • Spatial Analytics
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