Living Labs

Be future-ready

In a world of accelerated change, it’s more important than ever that your business is able to learn and adapt quickly. Living Labs are experimental spaces that integrate sensing, spatial analytics, and adaptive design to encourage faster learning at the intersection of user behavior, space, and technology.

Why now?

In a world of intense transformation — from pandemics to climate change — businesses need faster, better, more continuous insight into how people and place support one another.

Change is uncertain and inherently difficult to predict. Leaders need affordable ways to consistently test, learn, and compare design intention to what’s happening right now.

Advances in data analytics and spatial intelligence let businesses build on their existing data and technology to create a more integrated picture of how places work and adapt.

Learn fast. Adapt faster.

Personal and building technology are increasingly powerful and rich in data. When designing today, businesses can capitalize on big data and spatial intelligence in new ways to continuously evaluate design and operational changes. We help you design test environments that quantify user experience and behavior, and give you the confidence to make design decisions that impact your business. 

A circuit board with many small chips.
Gensler 4th Floor | New York

We connect experience, design, and value.

Digital places are rich with data that reveal how experience creates value. We help you design environments that build on your existing data and technology to identify and measure valuable experiences and drive better design and operations. Monitoring change over time reveals patterns of opportunity. Designing some part of your building, retail, or campus environment to deliberately experiment speeds the process of discovering new value. Living Labs help you discover patterns of experience and performance that you can scale. 

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