A person wearing a pink hat and a pink wig in a room with a large aquarium.
Jidu Roboverse, Beijing

Driving the future

Jidu and Gensler collaborated on a next generation brand experience center for the intelligent car era to introduce customers to its electric AI-powered autonomous vehicle.


With an innovative and unparalleled retail environment, JIDU wanted to introduce customers to their self-driving vehicle and popularize their vision for a revolutionary robotic car that uses advanced AI technology to learn, evolve, and communicate.


The Roboverse retail experience is an expression of the vehicle's mission and features, including its futuristic design, voice activated controls, and autonomous intelligence.


Befitting the ambitiousness of Jidu and its product, the physical-digital offering takes visitors into the future, reflecting at every point JIdu's unparalleled innovation of the driving experience as well as the dynamism of the car's features, aesthetics, and cutting-edge technology.

A car parked outside a building.
A collage of a building.
A car showroom with a few cars.
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