Facebook Data Observatory, Toronto

The human face of data

Facebook partnered with Gensler to create a framework for understanding the changing role of personal data in the economy and in the human experience.


Through a global ethnographic investigation of changing user behaviors and a market analysis of emerging business models, Gensler identified unmet user needs and business opportunities to develop a long-term vision for the role of personal data in society.


As the flagship effort of the newly formed Data Observatory, charged with helping Facebook generate more foresight, the project identifies future business and customer-experience opportunities related to personal data.


Gensler modeled a critical mindset shift for the client, revealing the need for a more forward-looking and mindful approach to their role in the production and consumption of personal data. Gensler is currently working with the client to activate this vision across its organization.

Services Provided

  • Experience Strategy
  • Research
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