A building with a large staircase.
Insight Headquarters, Chandler, Arizona

Digital workplace with a human touch

Gensler designed Insight’s new headquarters to seamlessly integrate digital media in physical space and convey the brand’s core values of being connected, innovative, and welcoming.


A growing leader in the IT industry, Insight’s home base needed to embody the company’s innovative, entrepreneurial, technology-driven culture.


Inspired by Insight’s humanistic approach to digital infrastructure, the digital components are experienced in three acts: You, Us, and Together, delivering on Insight’s key messages and aspirations for visitors and employees alike. Integrating experience design, creative technology, and interior design, Gensler created collaborative, engaging spaces that are both awe-inspiring and elevated.


Gensler designed and executed digital touchpoints across the spectrum of interactive to ambient. Visitors are greeted with personalized messaging on a larger-than-life kinetic sculpture in the two-story lobby responsive displays throughout the building. In the Innovation Center, an interactive and collaborative digital table showcases case stories and offerings. Insight is able to manage all content through thoughtfully designed content templates and client-owned CMS, ensuring that timely storytelling enriches the community.

A room with a couch and a table with a couple people walking.
A group of people in a room.
Technical Specifications
Presence activated community displays
22 ft.
Height of balletic sculpture with content-driven movement
Interactive touch table

Sevices Provided

  • Digital Experience Design
  • Interior Design
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